Kite Man Is Gliding Into His Own HBO Max Spin-Off

‘Harley Quinn: The Animated Series’ is spinning off the lovable and dimwitted villain Kite Man, voiced by Matt Oberg, into his own animated television show for HBO Max with the working title ‘Noonan.’ Dean Lorey will work as the showrunner, and an executive producer along with by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Kaley Cuoco.
“If you’ve seen Harley Quinn, the popular adult animated series featuring the beloved bat-wielding troublemaker, then you’ve gotten to know Kite Man, the good-natured wannabe villain who was all set to tie the knot with Poison Ivy until she realized her real love was for Harley. But don’t feel too bad for the guy. After all, he’s getting his own show,” DC Universe said on their website.

The first season will feature ten episodes and will “expand” the world created by its predecessor in “unique new ways.” DCU noted that “Noonan’s will focus on lovable loser Kite Man and his new squeeze Golden Glider as they moonlight as criminals to support their foolish purchase of Noonan’s, Gotham’s seediest dive bar, where everybody knows your name, but not necessarily your secret identity.”
Executive VP of Original Comedy and Adult Animation at HBO Max and Adult Swim Suzanna Makkos celebrated the spin-off saying, “We love the wild and fun world of Harley Quinn so much we just had to make a spin-off and who better to center it around than the outcast Kite Man.”
She added, “Justin, Patrick and Dean have created the perfect local hangout for Gotham City’s not-so-finest at Noonan’s, where bar patrons can blow off steam after a long day of mayhem.”
Currently, there is no release date for the series.
Kite Man first appeared in a 1960 issue of Batman as the villainous alter ego of Charles “Chuck” Brown, created by the Dark Knight co-creator Bill Finger and artist Dick Sprang. He would make spontaneous appearances throughout DC Comics and had a somewhat prominent role in “The War of Jokes and Riddles” arc by writer Tom King.

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