PlayStation 5’s ‘Project Q’ Is More Wii U Than Steam Deck

Sony's PlayStation 5 Project Q Reveal
Photo Credit: PlayStation

Project Q (what I will refer to as the P-Mote) has unveiled yesterday at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase. In 2023, I did not expect Sony to look back at Nintendo’s wet fart, the Wii U, and say, “Let’s do that!”

The P-Mote is fundamentally what the Wii U’s controller was: a screen attached to a controller. However, unlike the Steam Deck, where you can take a portion of your library with you and play anywhere, the P-Mote is tethered to your local console via WiFi. Of course, this sort of remote play can already be done with smartphones/tablets, a PS5 controller, and a snap-on accessory.

The preview video mentions that the games must be installed on the PS5 console at 19 seconds. However, the narrator says the P-Mote can stream “any game from your PS5 console using remote play over WiFi.” Unfortunately, streaming PS Plus cloud games is STILL off the table after all these years.

The P-Mote will have an 8″ HD screen. However, Sony has not confirmed if the screen will be OLED. The controller seated on the sides of the screen is the same as the existing PS5 Dual Sense.

The overall functionality of the P-Mote was absent from the Showcase. This leads to several questions:

  • Will the device feature an app that lets you connect to the console even if you’re on WiFi in another city?
  • What is the battery life of the P-Mote?
  • Will it support WiFi 6E or 7?
  • Will cloud gaming finally be available for remote play?
  • Is sound built into the unit, or will we need the new PlayStation Bluetooth headphones shown off at the end of the P-Mote reveal?
  • If the sound is built in, what are the speaker specs?
  • Is the touchpad built into the screen or on the back of the device, as with the PS Vita?
  • What is the resolution and aspect ratio?
  • What is the frame rate?
  • What is the latency?
  • Is there any proprietary tech that allows for better performance over WiFi?
  • Will there be a DualSense Edge version?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • How hot does it get?
  • What are the I/O ports (USB-C or something else)?


What do you think of Project Q? Let us know below.

[Source: PlayStation]
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