Ubisoft Delays XDefiant Indefinitely

Ubisoft fans have a lot of things happening at the moment. Not only is there a brand new Assassin’s Creed game to play with the release of Mirage, but other series are getting new entries very soon. Outside of that, however, XDefiant was bringing together multiple Ubisoft franchises into one shooter. If you were into any kind of Tom Clancy game released by the company, XDefiant was right up your alley. But it looks like a major change is happening that might bring everything to a halt.

In a post made on Twitter by the XDefiant team at Ubisoft San Francisco, the game is being put on indefinite hold. In the post, the team stated that multiple inconsistencies had surfaced following recent public test sessions that needed to be addressed. The game was planned to be released in October 2023.

In a follow-up post from XDefiant director and executive producer Mark Rubin, he stated that some issues were brought up in playtesting that the team wouldn’t have found without it. He then went on to thank fans for their continued support.

“I know it’s a bummer that we are moving the date, especially since we seemed so close, and that for many the game is great and they can’t wait to play, but I’d rather ship a game that is better for everyone. Our intent for this game is to be something that players can return to for many years and to do that we have to build this game with the community.”

XDefiant is a game that was being compared to the Call of Duty series because of its fast-paced gameplay. Various characters from a number of Ubisoft franchises were set to appear in the game, along with gameplay that was designed to have a classic feel and be focused on objective-driven modes. The game was planned for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

What do you think of the news about XDefiant being delayed indefinitely? Were you interested in the game beforehand, or were you not looking at it? Share all of your thoughts about the news below in the comment section!

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