Nintendo Now Offers Free Joy-Con Drift Fixes To Europe

To our friends across the pond, we have good news for you. If you’re one of the many Nintendo Switch owners who’ve suffered from Joy-Con drift, the company will now fix the problem for free.

Nintendo Life spotted that the company’s UK Joy-Con support page was updated with the following policy:

Nintendo takes great pride in creating high-quality and durable products and is continuously making improvements to them. Therefore and until further notice, Nintendo offers to consumers who purchased the respective product in the EEA, UK and Switzerland that repairs for responsiveness syndrome relating to control sticks will be conducted at no charge by official Nintendo repair centres. This applies even if the syndrome is caused by wear and tear and even if the 24-month manufacturer’s warranty provided by Nintendo has expired.* The manufacturer’s warranty does not affect any statutory rights which you may have under consumer protection legislation as the purchaser of goods. The benefits described here are in addition to those rights.

Of course, Nintendo would like you to run through a few troubleshooting exercises first before sending the Joy-Cons in. These include things like:

  • Checking for the latest system updates
  • Updating the Joy-Cons with the newest firmware
  • Verifying if the Joy-Cons are correctly registered with your Nintendo Switch
  • Making sure you’re not a creepy gaming journalist who shoved a Joy-Con up your bum
  • Checking if you’re not using a Wiimote instead of a Joy-Con
  • Phoning your uncle, who totally works at Nintendo, and asking him for help

If all those helpful and unhelpful steps didn’t get your Joy-Cons working, click here to start a repair ticket.

For those of us in the US with Joy-Con issues, click here. With all the drift issues, Nintendo’s Switch is still a great-selling console. Unfortunately, the PS5 is catching up to those sales numbers in Japan.

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