PlayStation 5 Sales Up in Japan and Catching Up to Nintendo Switch

On Wednesday, February February 8th, 2023, the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu shared the sales numbers of PlayStation 5 consoles in Japan. The information in the report was shared by a number of media outlets. The comparison to the number of consoles sold in the region was staggeringly higher than what was reported in February 2022. For many following the company and industry trends for the new year, Sony is having a great start to the new year.

For 2023, Famitsu shared that Japan saw over 350,000 PlayStation 5 consoles sold as of the time of reporting. That number is a huge 450% jump in total sales when compared to the previous year. Back in February 2022, Sony managed to only get over 65,000 consoles sold (the exact number being 65,772). A lot of factors may have come into play during the previous year, as it was the year following many global events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide chip shortage. Both of which affect Sony and many other tech companies trying to get products made and shipped out to different regions.

How is this relevant to Nintendo Switch sales in Japan? These big numbers are very different than the previous year when comparing the two consoles being sold in the region. 2022 saw a massive amount of Nintendo Switch consoles sold to Japanese gamers, with the PlayStation 5 trailing in second place by a long mile. By the end of the year, nearly 5.3 million Nintendo Switch consoles were sold, while the PlayStation 5 only managed to sell around 942,000.

With PlayStation 5 selling very well in early February this year and lasting throughout the month, we might see the gap between PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch sales in Japan start to close even more. It’s difficult to say why this might be happening, but some have speculated that it could be due to the age of the Nintendo Switch, the release of more appealing PlayStation 5 games, and the novelty of the PlayStation console itself. For all we know, things can shift again as we move forward into the rest of 2023.

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