Factory Entertainment’s New Replicas Include Sting, Phasers, and A Broom?

Factory Entertainment is expanding its line of scaled prop replicas. We first reported on the line’s launch last year, and now the collection has grown to include franchises like Harry Potter, DCEU, and The Lord of the Rings. In addition, FE’s collectibles allow you to own your favorite replicas at an affordable price. Let’s look at what has been added.

First up, we have the Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The replica measures 7″ in length and is $44.99. The replica comes with a display base and is expected to ship next Spring.

Factory Entertainment

This stunning 7-inch heavy duty scaled prop replica is moulded out of solid metal, features a folding footrest and comes in collector packaging and features a display stand.

The next replica is actually a collection of scaled-down tin signs from the Jurassic World franchise. Apparently, the artwork came straight from Universal Studios, but I can’t remember seeing any of these in the last three films. Anyway, the signs vary in size, and six come in the box, priced at $79.99. Here are the sizes:

  • 1x When The T.rex Roars Go Indoors 11×8.25” (27x20cm)
    1x Avoid Poisonous Dinos 11x 7” (27x18cm)
    1 x Warning Beware T.Rex 9.5×9.5” (24x24cm)
    1 x Keep Distance 8.5×9.5” (21x24cm)
    1 x Raptor Country 8.5×7” (21x18cm)
    1 x Caution Attacking Raptor 9×9” (23x23cm)
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment

A set of officially licensed metal warning signs from the Jurassic World universe, featuring artwork provided directly by Universal Studios that features distressing and dino-damage.

Easily one of the most iconic weapons in all of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings trilogy: Sting! The Elvish dagger was big enough for Bilbo and Frodo to use as a sword. When orcs were about, the blade would glow blue. FE’s replica appears to capture every detail, including the raised leaves on the hilt. The replica is $39.99, measures 6″ long,  and comes with a display base. It is said to be made of solid metal, but the specific type of alloy is not mentioned. Sting is expected to ship by next Spring.

Factory Entertainment

It’s a blast from the past! A Star Trek TOS Phaser Rifle! The baby blue beauty is priced at $59.99, measures 6.5″ long, and is available right now!

Factory Entertainment

We are jumping forward a century and have the updated Phaser Rifle as it appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This piece from the Starfleet armory is also priced at $59.99 and is available now.

Factory Entertainment

I’ve always been disappointed that few replicas of the weapons and gadgets from Men In Black have been produced. Even the smallest weapon, like the Noisy Cricket, has an iconic look. At least the Tri-Barrel Plasma Canon from the film is joining the collection. Maybe we’ll get a replica of Agent K’s other gizmos?

The canon is $59.99 and is expected to ship next Spring.

Factory Entertainment


Which replica are you thinking about getting? Let us know below!

[Source: Factory Entertainment]

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