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Sony has launched a page dedicated to the Playstation VR2. In January, Sony revealed the specifications for the upcoming sequel to the PS4’s VR headset. The site is polished in typical Sony fashion, but it feels somewhat light on showing off the hardware.
The new site breaks down the technical specs into a more consumer-friendly way. Rather than long lists of technical jargon, the site is written like a sales pamphlet or like a crowdfunding campaign that doesn’t have a prototype ready to show off.
A release date and pricing are still absent, though I’d be willing to bet these details will come out around May or during the Summer. However, considering the semiconductor shortage is still causing massive delays for all technology companies, don’t expect the PSVR2 to be in ready supply if it launches this year.


Experience breath-taking virtual reality environments in clear focus with 4K High Dynamic Range visuals and up to 120fps, as two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays deliver over four times the resolution generated by the original PlayStation VR headset.

Oddly, there are no videos of the system in action or the actual headset. We get more shots of the left and right hand controllers, though.

The bottom of the page ends with only one video. It is the trailer for Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain. I was expecting a showcase of upcoming games rather than seeing this title again.

I’d still like to know how many PS5s are in the hands of players and how many are still sitting in the garages of scalpers. Will the PSVR2 suffer the same fate? I can already see the Facebook Marketplace listings now. A PS5 digital and PSVR2 bundle for $2k.
What about the price point? The Oculus Quest 2 is a pretty decent headset, and the base model goes for $299. The Quest can also access several PC games via a wired or wireless connection. How can Sony price the PSVR2 to compete with this? The first PSVR didn’t have a very robust library of games, at least those exclusive to the Playstation. Are customers willing to roll those dice again and risk Sony putting little effort into supporting the accessory?
Let us know what you think of the PSVR2 in the comments section below.
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