‘Venom’ Artist Ryan Stegman Discusses His Favorite Anime

Comic book artist Ryan Stegman has illustrated the ‘Venom’ for Marvel Comics and recently partnered with Funimation to create a one-of-a-kind poster for ‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’ which features protagonist Deku engaged in battle.

Stegman recently spoke with Funimation about how his artwork, anime, and why he likes ‘My Hero Academia.’
“My favorite series is Neon Genesis Evangelion,” he said. “It has so much depth and really is just a great piece of fiction in general. The themes and ideas in it blew my mind when it initially came out in America.”
When asked about his work on ‘My Hero Academia,’ he explained, “For the Shigaraki and Dabi cover, I was going for a more horrific vibe. Because let’s face it, those characters are frightening! On this one with Deku and Flect Turn, I went for a battle scene. Battle scenes are my favorite thing to draw, so this was a ton of fun. It’s still pretty dark, but that’s sort of what I bring stylistically to most things I draw. And My Hero Academia, while fun, can also get very dark and I think that’s part of its charm.”
Stegman said, “I’m a big Deku fan. I know, boring answer, but my all-time favorite comic book character is Spider-Man, and Deku has so much in common with him. I’m drawn to these characters that get knocked down again and again, but always get up and fight for what’s right.”
“Everything I do is inspired by everything that has come before me. So, while I can’t pinpoint specific characters or anything, I can say that I tried to channel many of my favorite artists here,” he added.
When asked what kind of character he would design for MHA, Stegman replied, “I’d like to see a Hulk-type character in the MHA universe. A big smasher. Mainly because I like drawing things getting smashed so that would be a blast to draw within the confines of MHA.”
‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’ is currently out in theaters in dubbed and subbed versions.

Jacob Airey

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