Nintendo Is Coming Out With A New Switch Game That Teaches You To Create Your Own Game

Nintendo is switching things up with a twist in the gaming industry. Instead of making another game for the masses to soak up the fun with, Nintendo is giving you the power to create your own game.

The game, called Game Builder Garage, is a brand-new title for the Nintendo Switch that lets you design, play, and share your own games.

Using an intuitive, visual interface, Game Builder Garage makes it easy to connect control inputs with on-screen character actions. The same goes for adding environmental objects, letting you start creating a virtual world right away. The software gives you many options for a variety of genres to choose from.

The short video gives glimpses of shooters (both side-scrolling and overhead), fighters, driving games, puzzle games, and even what looks like a first-person dungeon-crawler. What’s especially impressive is that the system looks like it’ll let you create games in either 2-D or 3-D style (though the 2-D clips might just be thin, flat polygons with a fixed camera perspective).

A free painting mode lets you create custom texture artwork, and other feature categories include background music, effects, and timers.

Even for the most inexperienced programmers, Nintendo will be including a series of interactive lessons, so that you can “Learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo.” Completing these lessons themselves will actually end up with you building seven different sample games, such as a side-view game of tag and a 3-D racer.

Most importantly of all, you’ll be given the ability to share the fun with friends. Nintendo says you’ll be able to “Exchange codes with friends to download their games,” implying that you won’t necessarily have to go through the company’s server every time you want to play it, and Game Builder Garage will even allow you to swap work-in-progress data, so that you and a team of friends can collaborate on designing a game even without being in the same place/using the same Switch.

Nintendo keeps on innovating ways to cater to their audience and this will be yet another twist that is sure to be a big hit once it is released. Game Builder Garage is set to be released on June 11 of this year.

Watch the announcement trailer here:

You can pre-order the gaming software here.

Source from SoraNews24

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