James Gunn Talks Inspiration For Emmy Contender ‘Peacemaker’

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This week we attended an Emmy Q&A hosted by The Wrap. Producers for various shows competing for an Emmy were present, including James Gunn. The Guardians of the Galaxy director was here to field questions about HBO Max’s Peacemaker, which Gunn has also served as the writer and director for.
During the Q&A, Gunn shed some light on the writing process for Peacemaker. Aparently, a lot of what came out of his brain was inspired by two things: the horrors of the pandemic and the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso:

“Ted Lasso was a big influence on Peacemaker, even though it won’t seem like it at all, but the unabashed way of dealing with … love, good-naturedness, and really Peacemaker … is such a messed up individual, and he’s so crass, and he’s mired in this terrible-terrible universe. But there’s still this very unironic emotional love at the center of the show.”

When it was mentioned that James Gunn had used his writing abilities to tell the story of a major DC superhero yet, he was quick to say:

“I will never tell them … One of the reasons I like taking characters that nobody knows is because I can change them and make them my own and make them fully human. Kids have so many expectations about Batman or Spiderman or Superman or all those people are supposed to be. But taking characters that are just names and had a few issues of a comic book over many years and turning them into something … that is a lot different then having to deal with the expectations of making … The Flash who has a thousand-plus comic books.”

On another note regarding Peacemaker’s Season One finale, Gunn mentioned that getting certain big-name superheroes to appear at the end was a “hard get and a hard ask, but they gave it to me.” However, due to the structure of Peacemaker being its own thing within the DCEU, the scale of the show does not impact the continuity in a way that would restrict his ability to tell the stories he wants to tell. Gunn also mentioned a similar situation he is in over at Marvel with Guardians. Since they’re in space and far from Earth, he has more freedom.
The 2022 Emmys will be telecast on September 12th.
What do you think of Peacemaker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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