Iron Studios Art Scale The Batman Statue Is The Collectible You Need

The Caped Crusader’s new armor is looking pretty sweet. But, for all the complaining I’ve heard about Robert Pattinson in the film, I will concede that the Batsuit is head and shoulders above the one we saw in the Justice League.
Now you can take home a small representation of The Batman thanks to the artists over at Iron Studios for $159.99. The Batman stands at 10.2″ tall, 4.7″ wide, and 5.1″ deep. The statue should be released during the fourth quarter of 2022. Pre-orders are open now.

Iron Studios

Iron Studios
Iron Studios

Over the cold skyscrapers in the gloomy city of Gotham, the dark image of the Dark Knight watches the alleys, the most obscure corners, imposing fear in the hearts of the wicked on his crusade for justice and revenge. Facing the most insane criminals, corrupt public workers, and powerful mobsters, he makes use of his long training, his deductive skills, and his unshakable will to bring hope to the citizens of the city he has sworn to protect. Using a black tactical suit filled with gadgets reflecting the appearance of a big bat that represents his identity, Iron Studios proudly present the statue “The Batman – The Batman – Art Scale 1/10”, with the newest representation of the character in the movies, on a pedestal that reminds Gotham City’s concrete buildings with Batman’s symbol in the front.

Matt Reeves’s take on the legendary Dark Knight is currently in theatres. The film has been receiving all sorts of conflicting reviews. Some reviewers praise the increased focus on Batman’s detective skills and giving us the refreshingly unique Gotham city, while the dreary take on Bruce Wayne soured others.
Personally, I’m going to wait until this thing is on VOD. Batman is one of my top two all-time favorite comic book heroes, but I’ve never felt that Bruce Wayne has been well represented on the big screen yet. We came very close with The Mask of the Phantasm, though.
What are your thoughts on the new Batman, suit, and film? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.
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