Mystique Joins The X-MEN Animated Series VHS Figure Line


Hasbro has announced the next X-MEN: The Animated Series figure, and it is Mystique! The blue-skinned shapeshifter joins Wolverine and the others from the ’90s Fox Kids. Still, you’ll be disappointed if you expect Mystique to come with an alternate head or limbs to represent her shapeshifting abilities. What she does come with is something quite surprising: baby Nightcrawler. Yup. You’ll get Kurt Wagner bundled up with a pacifier. Meanwhile, Mystique has an extra set of gun-gripping interchangeable hands, a pistol, and a rifle. The figure comes in a VHS-inspired box, which is “plastic-free.” Do you know what that means? No display window. Ugh.


The mutant shapeshifter known only as Mystique uses her powers to infiltrate and undermine the X-Men.

Here’s what to expect from the $27.99 figure:

  • CLASSIC ANIMATED X-MEN: The villainous shapeshifter from X-Men: The Animated Series takes on her newest form as the next Marvel Legends 90s animation-inspired figure!
  • INSPIRED BY THE X-MEN ANIMATED SERIES: The 6-inch scale 90s animated Marvel’s Mystique figure features unique sculpting and deco to recreate the character’s classic appearance, right down to her gold skull belt and signature blue skin and yellow eyes!
  • BABY NIGHTCRAWLER ACCESSORY: This Marvel’s Mystique figure comes with alternate hands, weapon accessories…and a certain blue bundle of joy and future X-Man: Baby Nightcrawler!
  • VIDEO CASSETTE-INSPIRED PACKAGING: This Marvel Legends Marvel’s Mystique comes in premium collectible packaging inspired by the classic 90s X-Men: The Animated Series video cassette box covers!

Honestly, this figure is a better addition to the series than the previously announced Morph and, to some extent, the lackluster Jean Grey. I applaud Hasbro for adding the animated X-MEN cast to the Marvel Legends line. Too bad it’s relegated to an online-only purchase, and the boxes don’t allow you to show off the figure. That’s the world we’re in now. Marvel Legends figures are becoming like blind bags where you won’t know if you’re getting the figure you want, if it’s broken, or what it looks like until after you’ve spent $24-$30.

What do you think of the latest VHS figure? Let us know below.

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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