MAFEX #168 Is The Classic ‘Secret Wars’ Spider-Man

MAFEX is taking us back in time. A time when Marvel was shaking things up with some of its most iconic characters. Spider-Man was part of the Secret Wars and had just acquired a new suit that was more than it seemed.
This liquid costume would eventually lead to one of Spidey’s most famous enemies, who would go on to have a very interesting and multi-faceted run in the comics. Who could have foreseen that this simple cosmetic change would lead to what we now know as Venom?
The Black Costume, as it was first known, made Spider-Man look awesome. MAFEX captured that initial look of the all-black suit with the large white eyes and spider emblem. He should look good, considering this figure is $104.99 at the Big Bad Toy Store.
Spider-Man will be coming out in July of this year, but the figure is already pre-sold out.

Medicom Toy
Medicom Toy
Medicom Toy
Medicom Toy
Medicom Toy
Medicom Toy
The figure’s construction is similar to a Marvel Legends Spidey. The significant differences I see are the ball-jointed ankles and hands. These make all the difference when trying to recreate all the fantastic poses Spider-Man displays in the comics. The light blue at the bottom of the feet is a nice touch from the comics. It helps the figure pop when displayed.
I recently picked up the Spider-Man 2099 figure, and he could benefit from a few more flexible joints and these accessories. But, seriously, why does Hasbro put out Spider-Man figures without any web accessories? It sucks.
Spidey comes with the following:

  • 3 Head sculpts
  • Alternate hands
  • Web backpack
  • 2 Short webs
  • 2 Medium webs
  • 2 Long webs
  • Stand

What do you think of the $100+ figure? Is it worth the money or are the Marvel Legends figures a better alternative? Let us know your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.
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