Madame Web PLUMMETS in Week 2! MILES MORALES is Sony’s Plan B?!

Madame Web fell HARD in its second week, making only a little over $5 million from over 4,000 theaters. This is a disaster for Sony’s plans for their Spider-Man Lite Universe… but there are rumors of a BACKUP. Supposedly execs are kicking around the idea of bringing in MILES MORALES because he might not be part of the MCU agreement. Say what?! So is Miles Morales going to be Miles Morales since they probably can’t call him Spider-Man…?

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Sony’s “Madame Web” has indeed faced a stark downturn in its second week, grossing a little over $5 million from more than 4,000 theaters. This sharp decline has brought its total to around $35.45 million, a result that significantly underperforms expectations for a major studio release, especially one set within the expansive Spider-Man universe. This performance might raise eyebrows and induce worry within Sony, especially considering the ambitions for expanding their Spider-Man related offerings​​​​.

The situation with “Madame Web” complicates Sony’s plans for their so-called Spider-Man Lite Universe, hinting at potential shifts in strategy to reinvigorate interest and investment in the franchise. The rumored consideration to bring in Miles Morales could indeed be a strategic pivot, aiming to leverage the character’s popularity and the flexibility his inclusion might offer outside the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) agreements. The speculation about how Miles Morales could be integrated into Sony’s universe—given the potential naming conventions and copyright complexities with the term “Spider-Man”—reflects the broader challenges and opportunities in expanding the Spider-Man universe in collaboration with, or separate from, the MCU.

This development is particularly intriguing because Miles Morales has become a beloved character within the Spider-Man lore, especially following the critical and commercial success of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Introducing Morales into Sony’s live-action universe could provide a fresh and potentially lucrative direction for the franchise. However, the specifics of how he would be named or positioned within this universe, given the potential copyright and trademark considerations with Marvel and Disney, remain a significant point of curiosity and speculation.

Sony’s “Madame Web” has not met expectations, presenting a challenge for the studio’s future plans. The rumored pivot towards including Miles Morales suggests a strategic move to invigorate the franchise, though how this will manifest, given the intricate landscape of copyright and character usage rights, is still up for debate.

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