HiDive Brings Espionage Anime ‘Spy Classroom’ To North America

‘Spy Classroom’ is an espionage manga written by Takemachi, illustrated by Tomari, and published by the Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo since 2020. It was picked by the Tokyo-based Japanese animation studio Feel for an anime adaption that is set to be released in Japan and simultaneously in North America via the HiDive streaming service.

HiDive said on their website, “Are you a big fan of Spy x Family and Princess Principal and wondering where you can watch Spy Classroom? We have a specific answer to that specific question: You can watch the anime on HIDIVE starting Thursday, January 5, 2023…”

The show is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, scripts written by Shinichi Inotsume, and character designs done by Sumie Kinoshita. It will premiere in Japan on the same date on the channel AT-X among others.

The manga is also known as ‘Spy Room’ in some markets.

You can watch the trailer below:

Wikipedia describes the plot synopsis as follows,

“After a devastating war, there has been a realization, weapons are now too powerful and destructive. Thus ends the era of war fought in the “light” and begins the era of war fought within “darkness”, a war fought with information and trickery, a war of spies. After the destruction of the spy team Inferno, their only surviving member, Klaus, sets off to create a team who specializes in “Impossible Missions”. Impossible missions are missions whom a spy team has already failed thus leading to higher security resulting in a chance of failure to be 90 percent. The problem? The seven girls that Klaus has recruited are all washouts and bottom of the barrel for the spy schools they hailed from. Klaus only has a month to teach them everything he knows and in turn the girls will have to employ every possible trick to have a chance of surviving.”

Yen Press currently has the license to publish an English version of ‘Spy Classroom’ in North America.

Jacob Airey

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