Sports Anime ‘Ippon Again’ To Stream On HiDive

Sentai Filmworks has acquired the license to release the upcoming sports anime ‘Ippon Again’ in North America on the HiDive streaming service. The show is being produced by the Japanese animation Bakken Record and has a planned release of January 9, 2023.

Ken Ogiwara will be working on the anime as the director with Aya Satsuki handling the scriptwriting and Airi Takekawa doing the character designs.

HiDive said on their website that they plan on streaming the anime as part of their 2023 winter slate of releases.

You can watch the teaser visual below:

The animated series is based on a manga written and illustrated by Yu Muraoka. It was released by the Tokyo-based publisher Akita Shoten for their ‘Weekly Shōnen Champion’ magazine since October 2018.

TV Tropes describes the synopsis as follows,

“After losing her final match in middle school and with nothing to show for her three years of effort, Michi Sonoda decides to retire from judo. She enters Aobanishi High School with Sanae Takigawa, her middle school teammate and best friend, hoping to live a normal and fulfilling high school life and find a boyfriend. However in the school’s dojo, she finds that Towa Hiura, the girl who beat Michi in her final match, has also entered Aobanishi. Michi’s passion for judo is soon reignited and the three girls decide to revive Aobanishi’s dormant judo club.

With their P.E. teacher, Shino Natsume, as their advisor and bolstered by the transfer of Anna Nagumo, Michi’s childhood friend, from the kendo club, the girls set out to make a name for themselves. Along the way they’ll make new friends, meet new rivals, and always strive to try their hardest with a positive attitude because after all, judo is awesome.”

‘Ippon Again’ will be released in Japan on the TV Tokyo channel and other networks.

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