Lite-Brite Offers Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Wall Art!


Are you ready to decorate the walls of your home with Lite-Brite Transformers Wall Art? It’s the sign of a true adult when you’re hanging up a child’s toy that’s displaying the image of a child’s toy! Display your love for the Autobots in 16 “x16”, LED-powered pixelated glory! The real question is, who will you choose to display? Optimus Prime? Bumblebee? Or the classic Autobot logo? Or order three Lite-Brites, and you won’t have to choose!

The three-in-one Transformers Edition Lite-Brite Wall Art is $99.99 and is estimated to release on January 9th. The kit includes 6k pegs, and the display can be powered by either micro-USB or batteries.



Light up the room and display your creative lite-art with the NEW, MEGA-SIZED Lite-Brite Wall Art! This special Lite-Brite is the biggest unit yet, with MORE PEGS and MORE LEDs for MORE DEFINITION! Use the three Transormers design templates featuring Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, iconic Transformers badge, or let your creativity shine as you design your own art!

  • LARGEST LITE-BRITE YET! – Enjoy the 16 x 16″ grid for high-definition designs—the largest Lite-Brite unit yet! Display your artwork on your wall or on a tabletop, or even as a Work From Home backdrop! Makes a great gift for ages 14+!
  • 3 HD DESIGNS – This Lite-Brite includes 3 HD Transformers designs to choose from. Build one design and display it, then remove the pegs to build a different design! Whether you follow the templates or use your imagination to design your own, there’s no wrong way to build and display!
  • MORE PEGS, MORE DEFINITION – Craft your masterpiece with 6,000 colorful mini-sized pegs! And with 45 LEDs to light up your art, you’ll be dazzled with delight with a unique experience you can enjoy in the dark!
  • EASILY TURN ON/OFF – Easily control your Lite-Brite with the battery-powered on/off light—conveniently accessible on the side! Or use the Micro-USB port included to power your Wall Art.
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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