Hasbro Puts Rarely Seen X-Men Baddies In A Legends Boxset

Hasbro is starting to dig deep into the Marvel catalog for Legends figures. Sadly, if you were a fan of certain X-Men characters like Stryfe or Vertigo, you’ll need to buy this $124.99 box set to bring them home. The X-Men Villains set, which will ship in May next year, includes Stryfe, Zero, Pretty Boy, Vertigo, and Random.

The figures, as is to be expected from the Marvel Legends series, are lite on accessories. Strive, Polaris, Vertigo, and Pretty Boy have two pairs of interchangeable hands. Pretty boy comes with two pistols and firing/smoke effects. Zero comes with a large warp portal effects piece. Oddly, we don’t get an alternate “reveal” head for Stryfe.

Stryfe and Random showed up in Toy Biz’s long-running X-MEN line of action figures from the ’90s. What was Stryfe’s play feature? His gigantic helmet rolled up to reveal that the mutant was a clone of Cable. Aside from having the typical superhuman attributes found in many characters from that era, Stryfe also had psionic powers. However, these things are a bit difficult to show in a toy unless they’re physical manifestations of weapons. Instead, the original toy came with a giant mace. He can still be picked up on a card for less than $20 on eBay. Random fared a little better. His figure came out in 1994 when the Toy Biz line was getting more detailed and less cheap looking. His play feature was just a spring-loaded arm cannon.


Heroes are only as good as their adversaries and in their 60-year history, the X-Men have faced some of the fiercest foes in comics.

  • X-MEN VILLAINS TAKE OVER MARVEL LEGENDS: Heroes are only as good as their adversaries and in their 60-year history, the X-Men have faced some of the fiercest foes in comics
  • X-MEN-INSPIRED: These Marvel’s Random, Marvel’s Pretty Boy, Marvel’s Vertigo, Marvel’s Stryfe, & Marvel’s Zero Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures are inspired by the characters’ appearances in X-Men comics
  • COMIC-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: These X-Men action figures come with 15 accessories, including alternate hands, a warp portal, blasters, and blaster effect accessories.

What other rarely-seen X-MEN baddies would you like to see appear in the Marvel Legends line? Let us know below.

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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