Roku Channel Nabs Sci-Fi TV Series ‘The Pact’

‘The Pact’ was a Katara Studios original science fiction series that originally ran on ION TV and Lifetime from 2019 to 2020. Following its cancelation, Katara and its distributor OMG began shopping it around to other networks where it was picked up for a second season by the Roku Channel.
“The Roku Channel has picked up sci-fi adventure series “The Pact” from Qatar-based Katara Studios and Taipei- and Los Angeles-based Organic Media Group,” Variety reports. “The Roku Channel is the home of free and premium entertainment on the Roku hardware and software platform. The six-part show will be exclusively available on The Roku Channel in the U.S., U.K. and Canada from March 26, 2022, and release to the rest of the world in July.”
Roku seems to be copying the strategy of Hulu and Netflix of picking up canceled shows that have a fanbase and renewing them to be continued on their streaming service.
‘The Pact’ is created by Bobby Barbacioru and written by Gareth Brookes and Ahmed Al Baker, who also served as co-director with Barbacioru.
The show’s tagline is “We Were Warned” featured prominently on the promotional poster:

Katara Studios describes the plot synopsis as follows,
“A terrible revelation sets humankind on a path to self-destruction. A terrifying journey into the unknown for a group of people bound together by hope alone. A Post-Apocalyptic tale that’s set in a world blasted by a mysterious MIASMA – an invisible and ethereal mist that has decimated the world’s population. The story follows SOL, FREYA, their son ADAM among other survivors on a mission to find the cause of the MIASMA and stop it.”
The series stars Rick Ravanello as Sol, Natassia Malthe as Freya, Steve Mouzakis as Adam, Robert Knepper as Jay, Eyad Hourani as Ramiz, Becca Buckalew as Stella, Louis Mandylor as Rooster, and Ada Dumitru as Gash.

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