LG Unveils 97″ Wireless 4K 120Hz OLED Television

This week LG revealed at CES 2023 the world’s first wireless OLED television. With three HDMI inputs being beamed to the TV via a box up to 30′ away, this could be the ideal solution for those who find cable management a significant hassle.

PC Mag covered the LG booth at this year’s CES, and the TV does look impressive. Although this new display does solve the annoying issue of cable management for multiple devices, what about performance? According to PC Mag, the M3 will support Nvidia’s G-Sync, which helps to cut down on screen tearing. But what about lag? That’s not mentioned anywhere, nor is it shown how the display performs while a 120fps game at 4K.

The LG M3 display will connect to its transmitter box via a proprietary signal rather than WiFi. LG told PC Mag that this secret signal is 3X faster than WiFi 6. The linkrates for WiFi 6/E are between 574 to 9608 Mbits per second. However, the box needs to have a line-of-sight connection to the TV. It’s unclear if the transmitter must be in front of the TV or if it can sit below it on an entertainment center.

This sounds great on paper, but I need to see it in action and a price tag.

A full breakdown of technical specs was not readily available. However, here is what we can gain from the CES 2023 coverage:

  • HDMI Ports: 3 (including one with eARC support)
  • Coax connection: 1
  • Optical Audio-In: 1
  • Ethernet Port: 1
  • USB Ports: 2 (unknown type)
  • Supported Audio: Dolby Atmos and unnamed others
  • Available sizes: 77″, 83″, and 97″
  • Transmitter Operating Distance: Up to 30′
  • Connectivity: Proprietary
  • Release Date: Q3-Q4 2023

“LG SIGNATURE OLED M is the world’s first wireless OLED TV with a separate AV transmission solution – Zero Connect Box that can send video and audio signal to this impressive, 97-inch display wirelessly at up to 4K 120Hz.

[Source: PC Mag] [Source: LG Global]

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