Blast Some Xenomorphs With Nerf’s ALIENS-Inspired Pulse Rifle

Don’t rely on harsh language when facing hundreds of xenomorphs with this Nerf M41-A pulse rifle! Yes, Hasbro is making a replica of one of sci-fi’s most legendary weapons. So now you can be a space marine in the comfort of your backyard and play ALIENS.
The Nerf pulse rifle is currently in the pre-order phase and will only set you back $94.99. The toy measures in at 28″, matching the dimensions of the film’s prop. This replica is a fully functional Nerf gun. Yes, the ammo counter does work! Even the underslung grenade launcher works, though it only fires a single Nerf dart.
The odd choice, since this is aimed at adult collectors, is the color scheme. Maybe this is due to the Nerf brand not wanting to replicate real gun colors. At least it’s not pink but rather sports a power loader skin.
The M41-A Blaster takes 4 “C” size batteries and sports the following features:

  • Features an electronic dart counter and movie-accurate blasting sounds
  • It measures over two feet long (28 inches) and comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display
  • Select from fully-motorized fly-wheel Elite or pump-action Mega dart blasting
Hasbro | Nerf
Hasbro | Nerf
Hasbro | Nerf
Hasbro | Nerf

The M41-A Pulse Blaster comes fully assembled in premium packaging ready for display. The packaging includes collector details like embossing, dull and gloss finishing, and movie accurate details. There’s two storage compartments to hold both Elite and Mega darts.
Just like in the film, this M41-A Pulse Blaster comes with over and under barrels for dual blasting. Unleash a barrage of Elite darts with the fully-motorized, fly-wheel mechanism on top. If the job requires more power, utilize the pump-action Mega barrel on the bottom.
No M41-A would be complete without a dart-counter so we’ve made sure to match the film’s iconic red 7-segment display. Set the number to your preference, up to 99 (but we suggest 95). The display will count down with every blast. You’re ready to rock and roll.
We’ve also included film-accurate blasting sounds with every trigger squeeze. Recreate classic scenes as you escape from the hive! Just make sure to lean into it!

I already pre-ordered mine, even though it isn’t coming out until October 2022. Considering pulse rifle replicas go for $300 and up, this is a good stand-in. No doubt many people will be modding theirs to get it to be more screen-accurate.
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