Wanna Bring Home A Couple Of Gruesome Ghoulies?

Now here is something I didn’t expect to see. The Ghoulies brand has been nearly non-existent for a long time, but suddenly two of the film series’ most iconic creatures popped up over at Sideshow Collectibles. Name the Cat and Fish Ghoulies from the first sequel that was released in 1988.
I’m a fan of that film. It’s not exactly a gory horror film, but it is silly in a Gremlins sort of way. Yeah, during that time in the ’80s, everyone was trying to jump on the little creature bandwagon.
The Cat and Fish Ghoulies stand at 23″ tall, but Sideshow’s listing doesn’t specify what they’re made out of. It’s probably foam latex with no armature inside, but I’d like to know. They’re both available for pre-order and should ship between October and December of this year.
So, when do we get a Muchie replica?

The Cat and Fish ones have become the most familiar out of the several Ghoulies who appear in the film series. The fish boy is usually featured in most marketing material; most of the time, he is pictured emerging from a toilet. But, in case you haven’t seen the films, he’s far more dangerous than a snake coming up from the sewer. Ouch…
The Ghoulies creatures, even in the sequel, were not the most articulate puppets. They were basic, but it was their exploits that made them entertaining. In Ghoulies II, the evil minions escape extermination only to end up at a carnival. The little demons cause a bunch of chaos and are only stopped when a larger Ghoulie is summoned to eat them.
Oh, and the film’s human antagonist gets his junk bitten off by the toilet dwelling fish ghoulie. Ah, what a great way to end a movie!

What are your thoughts on these 23″ tall replicas of the ’80s horror icons?
[Source: Sideshow]

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