Game & Watch Legend of Zelda Edition Coming This November!

I don’t blame Nintendo for banking on nostalgia. It’s a powerful tool, as long as the product being sold is quality. Though very much in need of new ideas, Nintendo continues to produce well-made systems and fun gimmicks.
One of those gimmicks that were surprisingly charming was the Game & Watch line of products. I had quite a few of them in the ’80s, and Nintendo’s continued embrace of the brand is oddly heartwarming. The small LCD games were the first time we’d see the Nintendo label on consumer products before the entertainment goliath that was the NES hit the market.
What started as simple games about moving cement or spraying pests would eventually be revived with better technology while retaining the same charming size.

Like the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch, we saw last year that the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch handheld will feature multiple games, a unique clock feature, save states, and a Zelda-themed version of the LCD game Vermin.
The titles included with this mighty mini system are:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (GameBoy Version)

Too bad Link’s Awakening isn’t the GBC version. It’s not a better game, but it’s a bit easier on the eyes. It’s not a short game, and the original GameBoy’s color scheme can be a bit of an eyesore after prolonged periods.
I’ll admit that I don’t play the SMB Game & Watch often, but it is a neat little piece of retro Nintendo. There’s a lot of nostalgia there. I had the original Super Mario Game & Watch as a kid. It acted as a stand-in for a NES because my parents decided that a SEGA Master System was better. Boomers, am I right?
Take note and pre-order this thing. Though the SMB one is easy to find now, it was a rarity for months after its launch. Scalpers have been going hard after tech since the pandemic.
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