Sideshow Premium Format Figures Line Adds Two Hammer Horror Icons!

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee arise from their graves thanks to Sideshow. The pair, who had a lengthy run as horror icons in Hammer’s cult classic films, is back and looking good!
The Horror of Dracula was released in 1958 and started a wave of movies starring both actors. Though Lee grew tired of playing Dracula into the 1970s, he did appear as other monsters in Hammer’s films. Lee also portrayed the Mummy in 1959 and Frankenstein in 1957.
Peter Cushing also appeared multiple times as Dr. Van Helsing, though not always the same character. The Dracula stories spanned through different centuries, but Cushing would return to play a descendant of the vampire hunter.
We first glimpsed these over at Sideshow’s site, but there was little information. However, had all the details about just how premium these premium format figures would be. What immediately caught my eye were the finely tailored clothing both figures sported. That is some detailed stitching on these 22″ tall figures!

Sideshow | Hammer

The Dracula Premium Format Figure measures 22.25” tall, and stands on top of a stone-effect base bedecked with Gothic gargoyles. Sculpted with an incredibly detailed likeness of actor Sir Christopher Lee as the iconic and otherworldly Count, this statue’s portrait features his piercing bloodshot eyes, shining fangs, a bloody mouth, and his signature slicked-back hairstyle.

Sideshow | Hammer

The Van Helsing Premium Format Figure is a mixed media horror collectible with an exquisitely tailored fabric costume, consisting of a black suit jacket and suit pants along with a red vest, a white collared dress shirt, and a necktie. An elegant faux fur-trimmed coat completes the costume, while his leather-like gloves and black dress shoes are sculpted with extreme realism to complement the fabric elements. Armed with a crucifix in one hand and a hammer and stake in the other, Van Helsing has all the tools with which to face the dreaded vampire!

The bloodshot eye version of Lee’s Dracula is an iconic image, but I hope he comes with an alternative head displaying the legendary actor’s charming smile. Much like Bela Lugosi, Lee’s portrayal of Dracula is all in the eyes.
There is no release date yet, but if you head on over to Sideshow, you can RSVP for these bad boys now!

Now that we’re on the subject of handsome Draculas, when can we get a Frank Langella version? His version of the vampire in the 1979 film was possibly the best interpretation of the character on film. That may be sacrilege, but it is an opinion I’m willing to keep as a horror journo of many years.

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