Finally, Your ‘Man Meat’ Can Smell Like Rey Skywalker.

Rey is horrified at the thought of sweaty men smelling like... whatever she smells like.

Dr. Squatch is introducing its second collection of soaps based on Star Wars, and one of those scents is based on Rey.

Yes, the same Dr. Squatch that has spent years marketing its natural products to manly men who wanted their balls to smell good — presumably — so they got more action.

So now, finally, you can ‘marinate your man meat’ with Rey.

Or rather, Resistance Rinse, which is said to smell like “electric daisy.” As in Daisy Ridley? Who knows.

The scent is one of four new scents that has been introduced via a second Star Wars collection from the L.A. based hygiene product company.

From Happi

Resistance Rinse, inspired by the strong, delicate beauty of Rey Skywalker, contains the gentle exfoliation powers of electric daisy with a floral, aromatic and refreshing scent.

Legendary Lather, inspired by Luke Skywalker, features five finger grass imparting a breezy, grassy scent.

For those feeling invincible and wish to channel the tall, dark and handsome Kylo Ren, there is Suds of Darkness, which features exfoliating rhyolite for a deep cleanse and skin softener topped off with smoothing love lies bleeding oil, which suffuses a steamy, musky scent.

And while the character may come across as an old, rickety man, consumers will feel anything but when showering with Sinister Scrub, which is inspired by Emperor Palpatine. Packed with black currant, a raw fruit rich in vitamin C and polyphenols, bathers will relish the bar’s spicy aromas.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never wondered what Palpatine smelled like. I always thought Darth Vader smelled like “feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon,” but I guess he just smells like “rejuvenating Chokeberry, exfoliating Sand and detoxifying Coconut Charcoal” according to Dr. Squatch.

It’s kind of ironic that a company that has built up a reputation for being, well, hyper masculine has chosen Rey as one of its new scents. It’s especially ironic given the conversation (i.e. online drama) surrounding Rey and the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy has often focused on how “toxic” male Star Wars fans can be.

And now you can scrub your balls with Rey in an officially licensed product.

As her grandfather used to say, it’s ironic.

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