‘One Punch Man’ Season 3 Announced With A Poster

He is a hero for fun, but a hero nonetheless, Saitama will return to battle evil with his sidekick Genos in a third season of the hit anime ‘One Punch Man.’ Character designer Chikashi Kubota dropped a new visual in the form of a poster showing Saitama standing back-to-back with season two’s antagonist Garou, who wants to destroy the heroes.

“One Punch Man has confirmed a season 3 TV anime, with the announcement coming over 3 years since season 2 ended. There are no details yet,” Anime Corner reports.

The first season showed Saitama getting into the groove of becoming an officially licensed hero ahead of a massive alien invasion of Earth. The divisive second season followed the bald hero participating in a Martial Arts tournament while a villain called Garou is stalking several heroes in order to kill them plus a group of monsters seek revenge. Little is known about this new season.

Movie Web notes, “There had been some speculation over whether a third season of One Punch Man would happen following the response to the second series, which was a little on the divisive side. Following such an acclaimed first outing, some of the reactions to season 2 led many to wonder whether the anime would simply be put to bed. But it seems that those fears were misplaced, with the news of a third season sure to have fans excited to see Saitama and the wonderfully absurd world of One Punch Man make a return.”

With a third season on the horizon, no doubt Saitama, Genos, and the other members of the Hero Association will return to battle evil.

You can view the poster below:

‘One Punch Man’ is based on a manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata and written by an author known as One. It was originally self-published, though it was picked up by Jump Comics in Japan and Viz Media in the United States.

The first season of the anime was produced by Madhouse and the second season by J.C. Staff with Adult Swim developing an English dub. There is no word as of the writing of this article on who will be producing the third.

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