Three New ALIENS Pulse Rifle Replicas Coming Soon

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ALIENS wasn’t only a fantastic sequel, but it also brought with it a slew of memorable props. The power loader, the APC, the smartgun, the dropship, the motion detector, and of course, the M41A pulse rifle. Each would make for a great display piece, but they only show up every few years for sale. Luckily today, you can choose from not one but three different versions of the famous colonial marine weapon.
HCG is bringing three versions of the M41A to market. The Brown Bess, Weathered Brown Bess, and the standard olive drab pulse rifle. Each comes with the same features: they’re all 5lbs, made of polystone, and have a display base. That’s it. No thrills, frills, or working ammo counter. It’s not even clear if the ammo counter is illuminated.
Each pulse rifle is priced at $605. The standard version is due out this month, while the Bess variants will be coming during the first quarter of 2022.

Hollywood Collectible Group
Hollywood Collectible Group
Hollywood Collectible Group
I was lucky enough to handle one of the original “hero” M41A pulse rifles many years ago. They were indeed heavy. Having a lighter version for display purposes and cosplay would be great for those who don’t want to undertake the task of building one from a kit.
Over the years, many different companies have taken turns producing either stunt replicas, airsoft replicas, and even Hasbro is making a Nerf variant. Some of these replicas were great, while others turned out to be garbage.
What worries me is that these three new entries are being made by Hollywood Collectibles. A friend of mine bought the company’s replica ghost trap from Ghostbusters. It was priced almost four times more than the older Matty Collector replica and had zero features. It wasn’t exactly worth the price admission in comparison.
I hope HCG has improved its craftsmanship since then.
What do you think of the stunt pulse rifles? Worth $600, or are the DIY kits a better deal? Let us know in the comments section.
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  • The nerf one was $150 I think (I ordered it), airsoft ones are around $350-400….
    I don’t know who this would be for?

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