F-Zero 99 Reinvigorates a Classic Nintendo Franchise

Nintendo has a lot of series that it has yet to explore with any games on the Nintendo Switch. While the company has released various classics on their Switch Online service for players to enjoy, many fans have wanted certain series to make a comeback. One of the biggest classic Nintendo franchises many have craved to see again was the futuristic racing action of F-Zero. And although we don’t have a brand new, next-generation entry of the series just yet, Nintendo is finally doing something interesting with F-Zero. And Nintendo fans are digging it.

During a Nintendo Direct presentation on September 14th, Nintendo announced that F-Zero will be making a return with the release of F-Zero 99. Much like other games that have taken the 99 in their name, this F-Zero title will pit 99 players against each other in races. The game itself looks very similar to F-Zero on the Super Nintendo but will have a lot more chaotic action with 98 other players racing alongside you online.

Although there will be race tracks and vehicles from the original game, some of the mechanics during races will be a little different. The power meter that acts as your vehicle’s health can also be used to gain a burst of speed, giving players an option to play it safe or risk it all for a higher placement. In addition, you can gather sparks on the track to help gain access to a floating pathway that will help boost you ahead of other racers, which can bring you higher in the rankings if you’re able to capitalize on it.

In addition, the game will have challenges and extra bonuses to unlock as you play. This will include skins and other goodies for doing well in races. As of now, you can download F-Zero 99 off the Nintendo eShop and play if you have an active Nintendo Switch Online account. The game was made available after the conclusion of the Nintendo Direct presentation that revealed it.

For many, this will be a similar approach to what was done with games like Super Mario 99 and Tetris 99, where classic gameplay is put together with a battle royale design. For F-Zero fans, it’s something new and interesting that could lead to other things down the line. Let’s hope Nintendo sees enough interest and success with F-Zero 99 to think more about making a new game for the series.

What do you think of F-Zero 99? Do you feel Nintendo should finally make a brand-new game for the series? Will you be hopping online to play F-Zero 99 with other people over Nintendo Switch online? Tell us your thoughts about everything down below in the comment section!

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