Cobra’s Escape Pack Shows Off Unbelievable Disguises

Photo Credit: Super7

After being foiled again by the G.I. Joes, the top-ranking members of Cobra had to flee in disguise, much like Cobra Commander’s other plans; this one involved some absurd thinking. What better way to escape a highly trained government agency than using poorly implemented disguises?

Super7 has just released a new G.I. Joe ReAction figure pack based on the classic 1980s cartoon. The triple pack includes Cobra Commander, Destro, and the Baroness in some no-so-convincing disguises.

The accessories in this $65 pack are limited but entirely appropriate within the context of the episode The Pyramid of Darkness. Destro has a hammer, while Cobra Commander is carrying a ratty bag of clothing. The Baroness, looking almost like a dominatrix, is equipped with a medical bag.

The Cobra Escape Pack is available now. No pre-ordering is necessary.

Coincidentally, the last box set from Super7 we saw was also from the same G.I. Joe episode. That set also featured another character in disguise.

G.I. JOE Cobra Escape Pack - Super7 ReAction Figures
Photo Credit: Super7
G.I. JOE Cobra Escape Pack - Super7 ReAction Figures
Photo Credit: Super7
G.I. JOE Cobra Escape Pack - Super7 ReAction Figures
Photo Credit: Super7

Inspired by the Cobra leadership’s ham-handed attempt to avoid capture at the end of the Pyramid of Darkness miniseries, Super7 has put together an homage to what might be the best/worst escape plan of all time! Featuring Baroness as a nurse, Cobra Commander as an old lady, and Destro as a city worker.

What’s funny is that at the end of the episode, only Xamot, Tomax, and the Baroness are the ones with believable disguises. No one questions the guy with the metal face or the old lady with the mirror mask. Then again, they are making an escape via a subway system. I’ve seen plenty of high strangeness in that sort of public transit system.

What are your favorite weird COBRA schemes? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Super7]
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