Celebrate 50 Years of Hedorah’s Toxicity With S.H.MonsterArts

Godzilla’s grossest foe turns 50, and what better way to celebrate the slimy and toxic creature than with a new action figure? Bandai’s S.H.MonsterArts line will soon add Hedorah in multiple forms.
The sludge monster isn’t only represented here in his final form. We get Hedorah in flight, swimming, and fighting. The swimming and flying Hedorah’s coming with clear stands. If pre-ordered from the Big Bad Toy Store, the 7″ tall figure will set you back $199.99. He’ll be slithering his way State-side in July 2022.
Godzilla vs. Hedorah debuted in 1971. The King of the Monsters faced off against a feature made entirely of toxic materials. Hedorah metamorphized multiple times during the film, causing massive amounts of destruction and death along the way. Where the monster went, all living things decayed and died. Well, except for that one cat at the discotheque.


From the 1971 Godzilla vs. Hedorah film comes an S.H.MonsterArts Hedorah 50th-anniversary special figure set! The set features three figures showcasing the Smog Monster in its adult form, its flying form, and its swimming form.

Here’s what your $199.99 gets ya:

  • Hedorah (Adult) figure
  • Hedorah (Flight) figure
  • Hedorah (Swimming) figure
  • Flying mode stand
  • Swimming mode stand

For the price, I’m surprised that Hedorah’s eyes don’t light up in any of the three versions. The Figuarts figures are pretty big, and the monster’s head is large enough to house a couple of button batteries and two LEDs. Maybe this is a feature that they didn’t list? On the other hand, some of the images look like they should light up because they’re molded in translucent red plastic.
Well, I’m sure we’ll see modding videos come out next year of people correcting this missing feature. It wouldn’t be that hard to do without being too destructive towards the expensive toy.
What are your thoughts on this Hedorah figure? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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