‘Tokyo Mew Mew New’ Anime Is Heading To Sentai

‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ is a science fiction manga written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi through the publishing company Kodansha. The Japanese animation studios Yumeta Company and Graphinica are developing an upcoming reboot anime set to be released in July 2022.
Sentai Filmworks announced that they had picked up the series to be released on home video and on the HiDive streaming service. They said on their website, ” that it acquired exclusive rights to TOKYO MEW MEW NEW, the latest anime adaptation of the beloved mahou shoujo (AKA magical girl) manga series…” They added that the “reboots the iconic franchise and commemorates the manga’s 20th anniversary.”
The voice cast includes Yuuki Tenma, Mirai Hinata, Ryōko Jūni, Rian Toda, and Momoka Ishii. The anime is directed by Takahiro Natori and written by Yuka Yamada. Satoshi Ishino, who was the animation director for ‘Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ handled the character designs with Yasuharu Takanashi handling the music.
You can watch the trailer below:

Sentai Filmworks describes the synopsis as follows,
“The scientists of the μ(Mew) Project use DNA of endangered species to create a team of heroines imbued with amazing super-human abilities. One of them, Ichigo Momomiya, awakens to discover she is armed with all the skills of a Iriomote cat. Ichigo must band together with other Mew Mew girls to repel an alien incursion, all the while hiding their thrilling double lives from friends and family.”
The series previously had an anime adaption titled ‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ that ran for 52 from 2002 to 2003 that was produced by Studio Pierrot. In some markets, it was known as ‘Mew Mew Power.’ The first half of the series was dubbed into English by 4Kids, but the remainder did not get translated.
There are two sequels that followed the original manga titled ‘Tokyo Mew Mew à La Mode’ and ‘Tokyo Mew Mew Olé.’

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