‘TenPuru’ Anime English Dub Graces Crunchyroll

‘TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness’ is a romantic comedy manga created by Kimitake Yoshioka and published by Kodansha since 2018. The Japanese animation studio Gekkō debuted an anime adaption of the series in July 2023 known simply as ‘TenPuru.’ Crunchyroll began streaming it in North America.

Crunchyroll announced online that they had a cast for an English dub:

  • Akemitsu voiced by Bradley Gareth (Guel in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury)
  • Yuzuki voiced by Kelly Greenshield (Reika in My Home Hero)
  • Tsukuyo voiced by Molly Zhang
  • Kiki voiced by Monét Lerner
  • Kagura voiced by Celeste Perez
  • Kurage voiced by Morgan Lea
  • Nyagosuke voiced by Monica Rial
  • Mia voiced by Marianne Bray
  • Akemitsu (Young) voiced by Monica Rial
  • Harukaze voiced by Kent Williams

Mike McFarland is taking on the role of ADR Director.

You can watch the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“Born into a family of notorious womanizers, Akemitsu Akagami has been shunned from a young age and lumped in with his lineage as a skirt-chaser. As a result, he despises the Akagami way of life and vows to rescind the infamy of his family by staying celibate. But as fate would have it, Akemitsu falls in love at first sight on his way home from work one day. Unable to erase his feelings that are spiraling out of control, he resorts to his final measure—to practice as a monk and seal away his worldly desires.

Hoping to put his past behind him, Akemitsu travels to the nearest temple in order to receive Buddhist training. But fate tempts him once again: greeting him at the door is the girl he had fallen madly in love with, who lives in the very temple he wishes to train in.”

The Japanese band Aimi performs the theme song “Bonnō Paradise” as well as the ending song “Oidemase! Mikadzuki Tera” which is performed with the original cast.

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