HiDive Picks Up Action-Packed Anime ‘Tokyo Mew Mew New’ Season 2

Sentai Filmworks acquired the North American licensing rights to the magical girl reboot anime ‘Tokyo Mew Mew New’ when the series first debuted in 2022 from Japanese animation studios Yumeta Company and Graphinica. Sentai streamed the first season to HiDive and it has been announced they will also release the second season.

“Ichigo and her friends are back and ready to save the world again,” HiDive said on their website. “… starting on April 4, 2023 when we stream TOKYO MEW MEW NEW Season 2!”

The series is based on a manga created by Reiko Yoshida and is directed by Takahiro Natori and written by Yuka Yamada. Satoshi Ishino is designing the characters while Yasuharu Takanashi is composing the music.

You can watch the trailer for the series below:

TV Tropes describes the synopsis as follows,

“Ichigo Momomiya has just entered high school, and on her to-do list is to experience a high school romance. She finds the perfect candidate in Masaya Aoyama, an animal-loving kendo player concerned about the environment. After receiving some tickets to a museum exhibit featuring Red Data Animals, she manages to get a date with him.

Said date is unfortunately cut short by an earthquake, an emergency evacuation, being merged with the DNA of the Iriomote Mountain Cat, and a rat monster attacking her and Masaya. After a quick save from Mint Aizawa, alias Mew Mint, Ichigo awakens her powers as a Mew Mew. And so begins her role in a battle to save the planet from alien invasion.”

The ‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ manga was written by Reiko Yoshida, illustrated by Mia Ikumi, and by Kodansha from 2000 to 2003. The manga received two spin-offs including ‘Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode’ by Mia Ikumi and ‘Tokyo Mew Mew Olé’ by Madoka Seizuki.

The series was previously adapted by the Japanese production company Pierrot. Their version ran from 2002 to 2003 before being canceled after 52 episodes.

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