An Investigation Verified Multiple Allegations of Misconduct At Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard

The laundry list of alleged offenses and lawsuits keeps growing for Activision Blizzard. In an article from Axios, we learned that 29 out of 114 accusations of “harassment, discrimination or retaliation” were backed up by evidence from an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigative team. This comes after the company was forced to pay the SEC $35M in a whistleblower lawsuit.

To Activision’s credit, the company did post the transparency report publically. The 42-page PDF document outlines the investigation, results, actions taken, and several handy graphs.

Image Source: Activision

When it came to consequences for those accused of various misdeeds, 36% of employees were terminated. 20% were “referred to vendor,” meaning a third party would handle the corrective measures. The rest of the percentages were broken down into the following:

  • 3% demotion
  • 3% compensation review
  • 5% action not taken due to resignation
  • 8% final written warning
  • 10% written warning
  • 15% verbal feedback/coaching
Image Source: Activision

Thankfully, the number of reports of gender-based harassment has decreased since spiking in 2018. However, the ability to retain a diverse workforce continues to be a problem for Activision Blizzard.

As we covered previously, the company is failing to hire substantial non-binary and “something else.” The quoted term is Activision Blizzard’s, not mine. But I could see you thinking that because it is probably something I’d say to be an insensitive prick.


Image Source: Activision
Image Source: Activision

In typical Activision Blizzard fashion, a few months before this news broke, the company introduced a new LGBTQ+ hero (Lifeweaver) and today started its Pride Month advertising campaign.

Gamers and Twitter users, in general, have noted that Activision Blizzard tends to make these sorts of diversity and inclusion announcements just ahead of or immediately following lousy press. While this may not be the actual case, it is an interesting coincidence.

Is Activision Blizzard headed in the right direction? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Axios] [Source: Activision]
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