Wanna Own This Hyper Realistic Tom Holland Spider-Man? Only 12 Left!

Queen Studios is bat at it with a new Iron Spider-Man item. Last week it was a 1:1 statue of Spidey, but this time it is an unmasked Peter Parker that is eerily lifelike. This work of art is limited to 888 pieces and appears to be selling out.
Queen Studios has crafted a spectacular bust of the webhead based on Spider-Man’s appearance during the Infinity Saga. Priced at $3680, the bust stands at 72cm tall and features artificial hair, silicone skin, glass eyes, and a spider suit made from polystone.

Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Unlike previous items I’ve written about, this one from Queen Studios does ship to the United States. As of writing this, there are 12 available for purchase. Click here if you want to pick one up! If you’re outside the US, this bust is also available for shipping to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, and Europe.
I’d love to see how they make the silicon skin and affix the hair. If it is hand-punched, that’s one hell of a job. Also, how do you maintain these sorts of busts that use silicone and artificial hair? Do you have to moisturize and style it all?
Well, I sent that question through a search engine, and all it came back with was websites selling sex dolls. So, as I don’t want to be on yet another government watch list, I decided it was best not to seek the answer.
I’m not sure what the shelf life is for silicone. Hopefully, the bust comes with some maintenance guide. So get ready for a regiment where you have to give your Tom Holland bust a daily moisturizing … in the most wholesome way possible.
What do you think of this bust? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: Queen Studios]

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