Game Dev Opens Up About Working On ’12 Minutes’ With Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy

‘Chaos Walking’ actress Daisy Ridley has become a household name after her appearances in the Disney LucasFilm Star Wars sequel trilogy. Since then, she has appeared in several films, television, but has also done voice acting for a variety of video games including the upcoming independent game ’12 Minutes’ from Annapurna Interactive. She voices the wife of the main character, being joined by ‘X-Men: First Class’ actor James McAvoy as the main character with ‘Spider-Man’ actor Willem Dafoe as the main villain.
’12 Minutes’ developer Luis Antonio described the game as being similar to the film ‘Groundhog Day,’ where you play a husband who is caught in a loop trying to save his wife from an intruder. Every time you die, you can use the knowledge from the previous round to find new ways to stop the stranger from harming the protagonists.
In an interview with SyFy Wire, Antonio discussed the game as well as what it was like working with British actors Ridley and McAvoy, whom he forced to don American accents.
“Sometimes we’re doing scenes and they would question the motivations because I thought more about the gameplay elements,” Antonio admits. “But James would be like, ‘Why would I be doing this? It’s true for me to be doing this because I want the player to know this, but the character doesn’t think this way.’ So, we would deconstruct, realize the motivations and then bring them back in and it would naturally enrich the character. They would become more realistic and you’d care more about them.”
He goes on to explain that this was the first time that Ridley used an American accent, but that she grew, along with McAvoy, to get emotionally engaged with the characters they were voicing.
“Like if James’ character is stressed out, it has to come through in the shaking of his voice,” he explained. “Or if the wife is smiling, there’s no facial expression, so you have to feel the smile through the way she opens her mouth. There was workshopping to figure out how to really convey this, and then we wrote extensively the story of all the characters for when we were in the recording sessions.”
Antonio added that he hopes that ’12 Minutes’ will attract new gamers or people who have never gamed before, as it provided around five to six hours of gameplay.
Here is a sneak peak for ’12 Minutes:’

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