Microsoft’s Latest Layoffs Target The Entire AI Ethics Team

The end times are upon us! Soon AI will become self-aware and unethical! It will start posting rude messages on Twitter. But no one will be around to pull the plug. Why? Because Microsoft laid off the entire AI ethics team!

A story from Tech Radar this week let us know that even though Microsoft has a staffed Office of Responsible AI, the team ethics and society team for the AI initiatives has been terminated. The article mentions that the group had at one time consisted of 30 “engineers, designers, and philosophers.

At the time of the layoffs, the team comprised only seven employees. Considering that the entire team got the boot, I have a feeling they weren’t doing a whole lot. However, how do we know this septuplet wasn’t the only barrier between us and a human-hating rogue AI?

Imagine that: a Bing-powered terminator. Not only does it give you the wrong answers to your search engine inquiries, but it also thinks it’s time for carbon-based lifeforms to end.

The more significant concern is the trend of big tech downsizing. It comes right as companies explore more extensive applications for artificial intelligence. The cuts at Microsoft were nowhere near as severe as Meta’s recent 10K cut announcement. Nevertheless, it raises an interesting question: Is AI’s future in jeopardy if Microsoft and Meta only dedicate small teams to it? Meta’s “Year Of Zuck” isn’t going to see any real advancements in the AI sphere, that’s for sure.

Speaking of unethical uses of AI, check out the video below depicting the atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima as if it were a sports broadcast.

What are your opinions on AI? Are our lives destined to be ruined by it? Will it be an easy tool to cut down on overhead employees? Let us know below!

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