A Vertical PS5 May Result In Leaking Metal And Hardware Failures


Has your PS5 been noisy? Does it shut down randomly? If so, the Sony console may be the victim of loose cooling liquids.

In a story that appeared on Wololo, repair shops are reporting that the cooling liquid around the APU may leak if the PS5 is sitting in the vertical position. When the liquid metal gets free, it eventually solidifies somewhere else on the console, leading to hardware failures. The failures could be short circuits or the console overheating.

The leak’s exact cause is unknown because the sealed area around the APU and the cooler would need to be damaged or moved for the metal to escape. If the console is static, how does the seal become ineffective? Could this be from continuous vibrations over time, or does it require something more intense, like the console being knocked around?

This isn’t affecting only consoles that are in use. Even boxed PS5s are having this issue, according to TheCod3r’s YouTube video (see below).

The PS5 is a big boy. A big, big boy. The biggest boy. So, standing the console vertically helps save space in an already crowded entertainment center. The system is roughly 15.4″ tall, 10.2″ deep, and between 3.6″and 4.1″ wide, depending on if it has a disc drive. In my opinion, the system looks better when standing upright, but considering the recent news, it may be time to reorganize the consoles to make more space.

I’ve had my Playstation 5 in the vertical position for nearly two years now, and I’ve yet to have an issue. The number of consoles having the loose liquid issue hasn’t been aggregated yet, but this news may cause more people to come forward. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to release any response to this issue, but it is probably coming if this story grows legs.

[Source: Wololo]

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