Would You Like Three ‘Street Fighter’ Cammy Statues? Yes, Please!

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PCS and Sideshow Collectibles are giving us not one but three Cammy statues. The best part of all? She’s in a bikini! Yup. I’ve got no shame. Bikini Cammy has three variants: black bikini, red bikini, and white bikini. Each one comes with a “matching 11×17” art print by artist Edwin Huang.” The statues measure 17.5″ tall and about 9″ wide and deep. Yes, before you ask, Cammy is barefoot … you weirdos. Regardless of which Cammy variant you’d like, each one is $605, and they’re slated to ship between June and August of next year.

Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles

The Cammy Season Pass Statue measures 17.5” tall and 9” wide, sporting a summery swimsuit costume between assignments. She casually steps off the sands of a Kanzuki Beach base that is detailed with cattail reeds, gentle blue waves, and an adorable turtle. This expert assassin is all play as she pulls her braided pigtails, ready to cool off from the heat of battle.

Cammy has been a fan favorite Street Fighter character since her debut in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. Being a teenager at that time, I remember the only reason my friends and I would pick her was because of the thong leotard. That’s it. Yeah, we were that shallow. What of it? Despite the sexism, Cammy has gone on to be a staple in Capcom’s fighting game series for almost three decades. In ’94, she had a role in the disastrous live-action movie where Australian entertainer Kylie Minogue played her. Cammy had about four minutes total of screen time, sadly.

The funny thing is, Cammy is more entertaining in the video game adaptation of the movie adaptation of the video game. So yes, Kylie also played Cammy in Street Fighter: The Movie: The Video Game:

Cammy’s screen time was even shorter but more fabulous in the animated Street Fighter movie:

Can we get a Kylie Minogue variant to celebrate Street Fighter: The Movie‘s 30th anniversary in 2024?

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