Purgatori’s New Statue Is All Sorts Of Beautiful

I miss those days in the 1990s when female comic book villains and heroines could be absolutely stunning. What do we have now? Androgenous Hawkeye and a Captain Marvel who looks like Jason Mewes? No, thank you! I’ll take some beauties like Lady Death, Vampirella, and Purgatori, please.
PCS has managed to outdoor the wow factor we saw with its Vampirella statue by creating one based on a more devious vampire, the goddess herself Purgatori. Looking like she flew straight out of an Evil Ernie comic, Purgatori is clad in her signature leather outfit (as minimal as it may be). She’s also spreading them wide. Her wings! I’m talking about her wings!
The enslaved Egyptian turned blood-sucking fiend measures 33.25″ tall, and the base is 33.5″ wide. She also comes with some accessories. Bangs! Yes, interchangeable bangs! OK, it’s not an exciting selling feature, but it’s similar to the swappable heads we saw on Vampirella. You can get the classic or the newer look without laying down an additional $1,375.
The blood-red babe will be shipping out sometime between December and March 2023.


The Purgatori 1:3 Scale Statue is fully sculpted with black costume pieces featuring small gold accents, including her bikini top and bottom, a choker, long gloves, and thigh-high boots. Her red and black wings have veined details and large talons at each end. Purgatori’s portrait features sculpted black hair, striking yellow eyes, pointed horns, and vampire fangs peeking out behind parted red lips. An ankh necklace representing her past life completes her signature look.

Maybe once Hollywood gets off of the MCU formula, we can get back to having more corny and adult-themed comic book movies. A Chaos! Comics cinematic universe would be a thing I could get behind.
Let us know what you think about Purgatori in the comment section below.
[Source: PCS]

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