Want To Cuddle With These Godzilla Zippermouth Plushies?

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Sure, a giant radioactive lizard may have destroyed your city and squished your family, but now you can own a cuddly Zippermouth version of that same monster! So cry yourself to sleep with one of four Godzilla plushies that are now up for pre-order on Previews World. Pre-orders for the Zippermouth Godzillas will be open until November 21st. All four can be picked up for $139.80 or individually for $34.95 each. Expect these radioactive cuddle buddies to be in stores in April 2023.

UPDATE: While getting this story ready for publication, we noticed that the individual Zippermouth Godzillas were no longer available and could now only be purchased as a set of four. We’ll keep the link in the article just in case the page goes live again before the November 21st deadline.

The terrifying thing bout these is the grin. He’s smiling at you while he unleashes a blast of atomic breath. The embroidered beast would make the perfect gift for the Godzilla fan in your life or a terrible present for a small child. I can totally see a kid being scarred for life if they woke up with the zipper smile bearing down on them.

Previews World

The Godzilla Zippermouth features individually stuffed claws, embroidered details of his eyes, nose and spine (Zippermouth never use print detailing), and custom-dyed fabric that’s super soft to the touch. These are is the most expressive and detailed plush Godzillas ever produced. And, of course, all Zippermouth feature their trademark zippered smile: Just unzip to reveal Godzilla’s destructive grin.

Zippermouths aren’t just a Godzilla affair. QM, the company behind the plushes, also has licenses with other properties like Alien, Stitch, Maleficent, Jack Skellington, Invader Zim, and others. The prices of these Zippermouth plushes range from $29.99 to $34.99.

What do you think of these Godzilla plushies? Let us know below.

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