Mini-Pufts Now Included with HasLab’s Ghostbusters Proton Pack


This Thanksgiving weekend, Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Proton Pack crowdfunding campaign successfully surpassed the 11k backer stretch goal. The HasLab project now sits at 11,348 pre-orders for the prop replica.
With Class II unlocked, that means we all get Mini-Pufts and “marshmallow” goo decore to hang on the packs. If you’ve not yet seen Ghostbusters: Afterlife, there are minor spoilers ahead.
The Mini-Pufts show up during the final battle with Gozer to cause havoc for Podcast and Trevor. The tiny manifestations of Gozer act like gremlins, causing mechanical and electrical failures while the young Ghostbusters attempt to stop the destructive god.


Welcome to the new age of bustin’ with the Ghostbusters: Afterlife unlock. Celebrate the Ghostbusters legacy while at the same time looking forward to the future with this unlockable bundle that includes 3 Plasma Series Mini-Pufts figures AND 3 alternate, swappable heads, featuring NEW DECO! And because Mini-Pufts are so mischievous, they tend to get into everything. That’s why we’re including a white marshmallow goo attachment to raise the stakes. We wanted to give you that classic marshmallow good look… without that icky, gooey feeling.  It’s tough bustin’ ghosts when your equipment is being tinkered with by a horde of demonic, toddler-like Mini-Pufts. Sweet.

Considering that the pack managed to pass multiple stretch goals one week after another, it may be possible that this thing reaches Class IV. That won’t happen until 15k backers join in. The Class III goal is kind of lame, and if Hasbro really wanted this thing to maximize its pre-orders, they’d combine Class III and IV together for 13k backers. Really, who wants a notebook and stickers as a stretch goal? No, thanks. I want the stand!
Did you pre-order Spengler Proton Pack? In the comments section below, let us know what you think about Hasbro using crowdfunding to produce high-end collectibles.
[Source: HasLab]

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