An ALF Action Figure From NECA? Where are the POGs?!

NECA really enjoys harvesting those memberberries. Every time I walk into the store, I see a new action figure from my childhood showing up on the shelves, ready to snatch some money outta my wallet.
The company responsible for many complicated explanations to my spouse is hitting home with America’s most beloved extraterrestrial. Yes, the one and only ALF. What? You think I meant E.T.? No one likes that little weirdo. Ya kidding me?
We saw ALF over at Labeled the “Ultimate ALF,” this figure comes with all the features you’d expect from a NECA toy. ALF has multiple points of articulation, Lucky the cat, food, and radio for attempting to communicate with other Melmacians.

ALF should be arriving sometime in the Spring of 2022. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shown up on NECA’s official site yet. So, that date may change. Will this mean we could get a Willie Tanner action figure? I want a figure of the man who has accepted utter defeat at the hands of his domesticated menace.
Gordon Shumway, better known as the acronym ALF “alien life form,” crash-landed on the garage of the Tanner family and has been their semi-unwanted house guest. The series started on NBC in 1986 and ran until 1990. ALF shared a high degree of stardom in his time. He was on everything from lunchboxes to tiny LPs from Burger King.
Eventually, ALF got a couple of animated Saturday morning shows, though they were short-lived. He even joined other children’s icons in a particular cartoon about drugs and all the other fun stuff the Bush’s told us not to do.

Thoughts on ALF? Something worth exploring in the 2020s or better left to the rose-tinted nostalgia of the 1980s? Let us know in the comments.
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