‘Lupin The 3rd’ Finds Streaming Home On HIDIVE

The anime streaming service HIDIVE made a huge announcement that they acquired the rights to release the entire catalogue of the iconic series ‘Lupin The 3rd.’ From part one to part six, fans of the critically-acclaimed show can enjoy all episodes of the series run as well as the spin-off ‘The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.’
HIDIVE said on their website that they had “acquired streaming rights to the entire iconic LUPIN THE 3rd television anime series in addition to the latest installment in the franchise, LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6, now streaming exclusively on HIDIVE. With this content expansion, HIDIVE subscribers can now enjoy LUPIN THE 3rd Parts 1-6 plus other goodies, including special bonus episodes.”
“Because Lupin III wouldn’t be the same if he flew solo, HIDIVE will also stream The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, a 13-episode series chronicling Lupin’s on-again, off-again ally and femme fatale, Fujiko Mine’s first encounter with the globetrotting gentleman thief. These additions, in conjunction with the currently streaming LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6, make HIDIVE a must-watch destination for fans of the LUPIN THE 3rd franchise,” they continued.
‘Lupin the 3rd’ is based on an adventure manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Katō under the pen name Monkey Punch. The manga kicked off in 1971 in the pages of Weekly Manga Action before Tokyopop began serializing it in collected editions. Its popularity led to an anime adaption with part six being produced by TMS Entertainment and released in 2021.
HIDIVE described Part Six, saying, “Gentleman thief Lupin III is back and ready for his next caper — unless legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, has anything to say about it! After a terrible crime comes to light in London, none other than Lupin tops the suspects list. With Holmes fast closing in, Lupin must prove his innocence and bring a shadowy organization called The Raven to heel if he wants to live to steal another day.”

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