‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ Team Pleased With Nintendo Switch Version

Remember when Ubisoft was just on top of it? Those early days of ‘Ghost Recon,’ ‘Splinter Cell,’ and the first couple ‘Assassin’s Creed’ titles? Awesome experience after awesome experience. Then something went wrong. Everything became formulaic and way too much DLC.
For a while, I shied away from Ubisoft titles. Then something caught my eye from Ubisoft Quebec. Something that looked kinda like ‘Breath of the Wild’ but with a Greek mythos theme. This videogame had a soft art style. It even had a little bit of that ’90s ‘ttude.
‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ was the title. The story of a man going from zero to hero when all of the gods and champions of Olympus were missing. It borrowed heavily from the previously mentioned ‘Zelda’ title. Many similar mechanics, but without some of the annoyances found in Nintendo’s original. Having the game also appearing on the Nintendo Switch made it even more appealing. Especially if you’re always on the road like I am.
Of course, the first thing that came to mind was that this game would somehow be deemed a failure. I was wrong, judging by this article at Nintendo Life. On the contrary, the associate director of ‘Fenyx’ was very positive about the Switch’s performance.
Julien Galloudec praised the final product saying, “And for the Switch, it has been a challenge definitely. The key was to look at the game in different pieces and see, depending on the context, what we can optimize, what we can change, what can, for example, be less dynamic without touching the experience. That was a big focus – making sure that no matter the platform, the experience is the same but tailored and tweaked to the platform’s specificities and make sure that the sense of the experience is the same. So that has been quite a challenge, but we are delighted with the results on all platforms, managing to get the best out of it.”
Ports of popular titles on the Switch have been hit or miss. ‘Doom 2016’ may not have been a graphical powerhouse, but it delivered fast-paced action on a mobile platform. On the other hand, ‘Apex Legends’ is not something you want to play on Nintendo’s handheld.

Have you played ‘Fenyx Rising’? What are your thoughts on the game? Is it the right amount of Zelda, or too much?
[Source: Nintendo Life]

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