Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Impressions – Leon Looks Better?

One of the most anticipated games of 2023 is the remake of Resident Evil 4 from Capcom. The original is a beloved classic in the Resident Evil series, often credited as one of the major shifts in the franchise that had a major impact on subsequent Resident Evil games afterward. But those who never played the original game may not have to wait much longer to see if they’re all in with Leon Kennedy and crew with the release of the Chainsaw Demo of Resident Evil 4 Remake for multiple platforms. Evil may have evolved once again with the power of next-gen consoles, and it’s bringing a bigger chainsaw with it.

The Chainsaw Demo for Resident Evil 4 remake is the first area after Leon Kennedy arrives in the Spanish town at the beginning of the story. It’s a short demo, roughly around 20 minutes or so, where you can get a good idea of how the controls feel and how great the visuals look. The RE Engine gives the original game a major upgrade with tons of details and extra flair that the 2005 original game could only dream of achieving. Leon looks fantastic, while his surroundings exude a creepiness and foreboding vibe that will cause you to hesitate when moving around every corner.

Much like the previous Resident Evil remake titles, the biggest change to the experience is the massive improvement to the atmosphere. Things feel a whole lot scarier in here, with the dramatic lighting and bone-chilling sounds making every spot you go to feel like a setup to scare you. Everything works together in creating a far better horror vibe than the original game, which will please many long-time Resident Evil fans.

Controlling Leon feels very good. The layout of the controls is very similar to Resident Evil 2 Remake, which feels better to move around and quickly take action when things get crazy. As you move through the demo and make your way to the central part of the nearby village, the game has pop-ups that guide you through some of the basics of Resident Evil 4.

Little things are changed, such as the wording of abilities and actions you can take in the menus, but their function remains the same as the original game. You can craft items together to make stronger or more useful items, objects you pick up can be inspected for secrets, and you can even take a closer look at some of the gruesome things around you. The RE Engine makes everything you see look very good, even if it’s one of the most hideous things you’ve ever seen.

But what about the zombies you encounter? This is Resident Evil 4 after all, so how are the Las Plagas? While you don’t get to see many of the crazier versions of Las Plagas in the chainsaw demo, you do get to fight against some of the lesser zombies and the chainsaw-wielding boss that chases you around in the original. With all of the visual upgrades for this remake, these encounters look and feel deadlier. You’ll have to be quick thinking to take down zombies with your pistol or knife, but without lingering around for too long. Much like before, these zombies come at Leon in groups and will throw axes and lunge at him relentlessly. And when the chainsaw comes out, the zombie swinging it around won’t stop until Leon is chopped up to pieces. The entire section of the demo is satisfyingly fun to play and terrifying when things go wrong.

Luckily the demo isn’t all that it appears to be at face value. Capcom managed to sneak in a few secrets that you can find if you play through the demo again, including new weapons and a few changes you may notice from the original game. You can find a TMP machine gun towards the end of the demo if you do a few things beforehand, and get to keep it with you each time you play the demo again.

There’s even a hidden difficulty within the demo called Mad Chainsaw Mode that is exclusive to the demo and won’t be in the final game. If you enter a specific combination at the main menu, you can enable the super hard mode that increases the strength of the zombies, makes them incredibly more aggressive, and gives the Dr. Salvador zombie a flaming chainsaw. The placement of enemies is also mixed up, while also making them less prone to staggering you attack them. Getting through this mode is prohibitively hard if haven’t already gotten used to how the demo plays and where you can exploit enemy weaknesses.

The unfortunate part of this demo is that progress in it does not carry over to the final game. Who knows what other secrets might be hidden within the demo as well, but for a first impression Capcom definitely hit its mark well. The demo gives a very good idea of how the game is shaping up and what we can expect when Resident Evil 4 Remake releases on March 24, 2023. If the rest of the game is up to the same quality as what was conveyed in the chainsaw demo, then fans will have a lot to get excited about.

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