Todd McFarlane Celebrates After Successful ‘King Spawn’ Launch

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Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane is having a good week. The debut of his new series ‘King Spawn’ reached over 497,000 copies, outselling all major competitors including Marvel and DC Comics. McFarlane wasted no time in celebrating.
“The recent launch of Todd McFarlane’s new monthly comic book, King Spawn #1, has shattered sales records,” Image Comics wrote in a press release. “With just under a half-million pre-orders by comic stores retailers, this marks the single largest new superhero monthly title launch in the comic book industry in the past 25 years based on the standard sales formula of the comic book industry (non-returnable, non-retailer exclusive sales).”
“Total pre-orders of 497K are bigger than any Marvel new monthly superhero launch, including Ironman, Hulk, Thor, or Captain America issue in the past quarter-century. McFarlane’s King Spawn #1 also topped any DC Comics new monthly title launch for the past two and a half decades, including Batman, Superman, Flash, or Wonder Woman,” they continued. “No Avengers or Justice League character has debuted a monthly book with sales numbers like King Spawn #1 in the 21st century.”
“The numbers that came in were much higher than what I had projected,” McFarlane said.
“With sales that now have a historical impact in our industry. It proves that the character Spawn and the world he lives in still resonates to fans almost thirty years after I first introduced him. But the biggest thing for me is having King Spawnbecoming another example to the creative community that you can have creator-owned success outside of the two huge publishing giants, Marvel, and DC Comics. Every story that shows you can make a career on your own will hopefully inspire other talented people to try.
He added, “As President of Image Comics, advocating for the creators has been our goal since its inception in 1992.”
Spawn is also set to receive a cinematic reboot starring Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner. The film was supposed to begin filming in 2020 but has been hit with a few delays.

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