TMNT Ultimates Wave 9 Includes Wingnut & Flocked Splinter


Super7‘s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Wave 9 brings back Splinter, but this time he is flocked and comes with an alternate head featuring pupils! The whole white-eyed Splinter always creeped me out. Another change I’ve noticed is that Spinter no longer comes with a weapon tree. I’m guessing this was excluded to make up for the cost of the flocking and new head.

The new characters for Wave 9 include Slam Dunkin’ Don, Wingnut, Scumbug, and Zak. Wingnut is one of the larger figures in the line, mainly due to his wingspan. Oh, and he’ll cost you more, too. Wingnut & Screwloose will cost $75, while the others are $55 each. All five figures can be pre-ordered for $305.

With a Neutrino making an appearance in the Ultimates line, this makes me wonder if we’ll see an in-scale hover hot rod. This probably won’t happen until Kala and Dask figures are released, though. Or maybe not, depending on how well that $450 Party Wagon sold.

Pre-orders for Wave 9 will be open untiled December 2nd. Expect these figures to ship during Fall 2023.


Featuring a peacenik teen from Dimension X, a hoopster in a half-shell, a dynamic alien duo, a mutant cockroach, and a certain fuzzy ninja master, it’s the latest wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! The made-to-order 7” scale TMNT ULTIMATES! Figures of Zak, the Neutrino, Slam Dunkin’ Don, Wingnut & Screwloose, Scumbug, and Splinter, all with interchangeable heads & hands and a variety of accessories, are ready to teleport in to take the top-shelf tier in your display with their deafening dominance and dashing detail!

Super7 has been slowly integrating some of the later series Turtles into the mix. How many waves can go on until we see “Toon Turtles” or Troll Turtles? I think the Ultimates line is officially over once we see the clown Mikey figure. What do you think? Let us know below.

[Source: Super7]

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