Tim Miller To Reshoot Eli Roth’s Borderlands Adaptation

Remember that Eli Roth was making a Borderlands movie? Yeah, I forgot, too. Well, the film was shot and is currently undergoing reshoots, but without Roth at the helm. So instead, Deadpool’s Tim Miller will be tasked with modifying the video game adaptation, which stars Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black.

Deadline investigated the rumors that Roth was no longer in charge of his own movie and found the gossip was true. While this change in leadership could mean that the production was in trouble, the reshoots are said only to take two weeks. It’s doubtful that two weeks of shooting will massively change whatever Eli Roth has already put together. The reason for Miller’s involvement? Allegedly it is because Roth is busy on the long-awaited Thanksgiving.

What does worry me is that both Roth and Craig Mazin wrote the script for Borderlands. The Chernobyl scribe is responsible for The Hangover Parts 2 & 3, Superhero Movie, and two Scary Movie sequels. He is also the writer of the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series. Mazin downplayed the impact characters’ deaths had in TLOU by saying, “When you’re playing a section, you’re killing people, and when you die, you get sent back to the checkpoint. All those people are back, moving around in the same way. Watching a person die, I think, ought to be much different than watching pixels die.

The adaptation of Gearbox’s looter shooter has been weirdly out of the news cycle for a while. The last time we actively covered it was during the middle of 2021. Even after Tiny Tina’s Wonderland came out, I’d forgotten about the Roth film. The film itself is not connected to the videogames’ canon in any way aside from sharing characters. Every event we experienced in the FPS versions and Tales from the Borderlands does not play into the movie’s plot. This could be a good thing, but if the well-known characters also depart from their polygon counterparts, this could be a turnoff for fans of the series.

[Source: Deadline]
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