Ahsoka Tano Coming to Fortnite for More Star Wars Action

Fortnite has been a hotbed of collaborations with a variety of major franchises. The game has been incredibly popular among players across different platforms for Epic Games, which has allowed them to work together with other big companies for new and exciting events. For Star Wars fans, there’s been a lot of playable characters and new events that inject elements from a galaxy far, far away. For many, it’s been an incredibly fun time being able to wield a lightsaber or fight alongside iconic Star Wars characters. And yet another beloved Jedi is on the way and ready to battle in Fortnite.

To the delight of many Clone Wars and Rebels fans, Ahsoka Tano is making her way into Fortnite. The character, along with some new updates to the game, will be unlockable starting September 26th 2023. With Ahsoka comes a new season pass that Fortnite players can purchase.

The official Star Wars website shared the announcement about Ahsoka’s inclusion in the game. “Ahsoka’s inclusion is the latest in a series of crossovers between Lucasfilm Games and Fortnite, with previous collaborations having seen Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, and prequel characters join the game. Ahsoka’s appearance in Fortnite follows the character’s breakout in her own live-action series, Ahsoka, which premiered August 22 on Disney+.”

Like previous Star Wars characters that have joined Fortnite, Ahsoka’s inclusion will come with new additions to the game that are unique. Players will be able to use lightsabers, force powers, and other possible surprises that might be specific to Ahsoka herself. Players will need to complete the full Battle Pass to get unlockable items, including the Ahsoka skin, before November 2nd 2023.

Although Ahsoka appeared first in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, her inclusion in the game now is related to the new Ahsoka series on Disney Plus. Whether we’ll see other elements from the new series in the game or not is anyone’s guess. But who knows? We might get lucky and see other characters who are in the series show up in-game, like Sabine Wren or Hera Syndulla.

What do you think of Ahsoka coming to Fortnite? Have you been playing with any of the Star Wars guest characters included in the game? Who do you want to see appear in Fornite next? Let us know your thoughts about Ahsoka in Fortnite down below in the comment section!

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